Industry 4.0

Software Solutions

Individually tailored software solutions for the intelligent and permanent linking and networking of machines and machine-operated processes based on Industry 4.0.

With our software team and in-house solutions, we offer you comprehensive networking options for your production processes and generate customised interfaces to your MES system.

Process control system (DCS / ZLS)

A central control system is not only used for large plants, but also more and more for smaller automations.
It is used not only for control, monitoring or visualisation, but also for analysis data for tracing and optimisation of a production process, which is made available to our customers through the use of a DCS.
Thanks to our many years of experience and optimally coordinated interfaces to/from integrated third-party systems or higher-level trace systems, we are able to transfer and adopt data and display it in real time as a visual system status.

Visualisation master computer / system status

PaVis Dashboard

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